Considering a Baby Blessing

What is a Baby Blessing?

A Baby Blessing is either a short service on its own, or is part of a longer church service, when thanks are expressed to God for the birth of a new life, and God’s blessing is sought on that new young person.

How does it compare with Baptism?

Baby Blessing differs from Baptism in a number of ways:

  • Baptism involves a life-long commitment to following Jesus and being part of his church
  • Baptism involves promises by parents or other relatives that the child will be brought up to learn about Jesus, to follow his teaching and example, and to be part of the church
  • with Baptism parents are encouraged to be members of the church and come regularly
  • Baby Blessing does not involve specific commitment on the parents’ part – but we hope that you will become part of the church family, and join us in worship

A Baby Blessing may be more appropriate for you if you are uncomfortable about making the baptismal promises or feel that you cannot commit to becoming a regular part of the life of the local church.

A child who has received a Baby Blessing may still be baptised – either as a child, or as an adult.

What does it involve?

If the service is in church, you will be invited to come forward at the appropriate time, the minister will say some words to you, will then take the child and pronounce a blessing on him/her. If the service is at home the words will be much the same, but the Baby Blessing will form the whole act of worship.

You may still dress the baby/child as you would for a Baptism, a friend could still carry the child, but the font will not be used, nor will there be water involved.