Prayer of Thanksgiving for the life of Queen Elizabeth

Let us pray
For Queen Elizabeth and her exceptional reign,
her deep affection for her people,
her lifelong desire to serve the common good,
her humility and grace, hard work and dedication,
we thank You, Living Lord.

Be with the King and members of the Royal Family
as they mourn the loss of a mother and grandmother
as well as a friend and monarch –
in the royal palaces, crown them with Your loving-kindness.

Be with our national leaders –
the First Minister and the Prime Minister
at this time of uncertainty and change –
in the corridors of power, crown them with Your heavenly wisdom.

Be with her people in nation and Commonwealth as they mourn a monarch and peace-maker
and rejoice in the cultural diversity celebrated under her reign –
in the four corners of her realm, crown us with peace and goodwill.

Be with the hidden folk throughout the world
who are struggling to make peace, longing for healing,
grieving the loss of someone they love –
in pain and grief, crown the nations of the earth with the light of Your love.

In silence, we remember with thanksgiving
the life of Elizabeth, Your servant and our Queen,
that she may rest from her labours
and rejoice in the One whom she worshipped
as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Almighty God,
whose Son, Jesus Christ, was crowned
not with gold but with thorns
and whose blood was shed
to give life to the world –
crown us with Your love
that we may serve one another
with humility and joy
and Your Kingdom come
with peace on earth,
through the same Jesus Christ
who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit
ever One God, now and for evermore – Amen.