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  • St Columba Day, 9 June 2021
    Dumbarton Churches Together celebrate St Columba Day
  • Communion, 6 June 2021
    Following on from the main service this morning, join us for Communion:
  • Sunday Worship, 6 June 2021
    Welcome If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, then the God who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give new life to you through his indwelling Spirit. Romans 8: 11
  • Thought for the day 3 June
    3 Media North and South of the border are commenting on education matters today: exam grade appeals in Scotland and the money available for a catch-up plan in England. Many of the comments tend to be phrased with a focus on party politics and personalities, rather than the situations of …

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  • Thought for the day 2 June
    2 It’s good to hear that in West Dunbartonshire we are moving next week to Level 1 (along with Argyll and Bute, and many other areas), but it isn’t a time to gloat, when there are neighbouring areas like East Dunbartonshire and Renfrewshire that remain in Level 2. We’ve been …

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  • Thought for the day 1 June
    1 June month Volunteers Week (1-6) Eight years on from the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Birmingham is appealing for 13,000 volunteers to help with next year’s Games there. Our community and country wouldn’t run the way it does without volunteers: from parent-teacher councils, to youth organisations, to charity committees, to sports …

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  • Thought for the day 31 May
    31 Garden wildlife week (31-6/6) This is apparently Garden wildlife week. I know some folk in Dumbarton and the Vale have deer that come and eat their flowers, some have squirrels that cause trouble. We have occasional visits from our friendly local hedgehog that seems to be doing its stuff …

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  • Sunday Worship 30 May 2021
    Can you fathom the mystery of God, or attain to the limits of the Almighty? Job 11: 7
  • Thought for the day 29 May
    29 Vaccine roll-out versus variant spread is a phrase that had been mentioned by several politicians or scientists over the last couple of days. Roll out of the vaccine helps protect people from the spread of the Covid virus, particularly thinking about the variant first spotted in India. In Scotland …

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  • Thought for the day 28 May
    28 It’s a holiday weekend. The forecast suggests that it might actually be dry and warm, if not necessarily sunny to start with. Hopefully a chance to be outdoors and enjoy the great scenery around. But will people respect the countryside, or leave litter everywhere? Lord, we moan about the …

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  • Thought for the day 27 May
    27 I don’t know how many of us followed every moment of yesterday’s meeting of the House of Commons’ Committee enquiry, but if we missed any or all of it, there is plenty about it in the news today. Was it revenge and retribution, was it ‘the truth, the whole …

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  • Thought for the day 26 May
    26 There was much furore yesterday in England about guidance that appeared online appearing to discourage travel to areas where Covid infection rates are high, and applying restrictions within those areas – all interpreted by those affected as ‘lockdown by stealth’. In the end the guidance was removed and it …

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