Thought for the day 13 January

It has long been acknowledged that there is a link between exercise and physical and mental well-being (MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANA). During these lockdown times we desperately need both – but January weather is not conducive to taking exercise (if it isn’t cold and wet, it’s cold and slippy). Some may be tuning in to Joe Wicks, or one of his colleagues, on a regular basis. Others of us may feel that that type of exercise is a bit beyond us. If you have stairs and are fit enough to go up and down them without recourse to a stairlift, they can help us keep fit. In a modern house with 13 stairs the rise from ground to first floor is about 2.7m (if you have an older house with more stairs, each extra one adds about 20cms to the rise). So every time you walk upstairs you have climbed 2.7m. Let’s translate this into hill-walking terms, looking at climbing them once, twice, five times and ten times a day:

Starting on 1 January the date by which you climbed it
Dumbarton Rock
27 January
13 January
5 January
2 January
Ben Lomond
26 December
29 June
13 March
5 February
Conic Hill
25 February
28 January
11 January
5 January
23 November
12 June
6 March
1 February
Goat Fell
19 November
10 June
5 March
1 February
Arthur’s Seat
2 April
15 February
18 January
9 January
20 September
11 May
21 February
26 January
Ben Venue
27 September
15 May
23 February
27 January
Ben Nevis
13 May 2022
6 September
9 April
18 February
21 December 2029
26 June 2024
26 December 2022
21 November
Mount Sinai
26 April 2023
27 February 2022
18 June
25 March
Mount Kenya
10 April 2026
20 August 2023
20 January 2022
11 July
24 December 2026
27 December 2023
12 March 2022
6 August
19 April 2022
25 August
4 April
16 February
Before you get too excited by your prowess, remember that when climbing some of them you don’t start at sea level! (And you might want to check my arithmetic!)

Lord, given that the journey from Jericho to Jerusalem involves a climb something like Ben Lomond, Jesus, Mary and the disciples must have been pretty fit! Help them to inspire us by their example

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