Thought for the day 11 January

It’s wet and windy outside, the news about the spread of Covid-19, and what that might mean for restrictions, isn’t encouraging. It’s easy to feel ‘down’. So this week, let’s think through how we’re going to handle these stresses and take some charge over our feelings – leaving Dry January and Veganuary to others to promote.

Last year was not the year that we hoped that it would be. Lots of things were cancelled, or didn’t happen. Make a list of what you DIDN’T manage to do last year (holiday cancelled, people you didn’t see, times you would have gone out for meals, to a concert, the theatre etc). If you want to stop at 10, that’s fine. If it would be cathartic to list every rotten cancellation, then do that. Then make another list of things that you DID because of the pandemic and its restrictions (discovered this walk, read that book, cleaned that cupboard, tried that recipe, phoned so-and-so that you hadn’t seen for ages). Did you manage to get to 10 (or even exceed it)? Take the ‘DIDN’T DO’ sheet, scrunch it up, put it on the fire (if you have one) or in the (recycling) bin – and keep the list of ‘new’ things. Pin it up if possible. It can act as a ‘starter’ for thinking about what to do this year

Lord, it’s hard living through difficult times, especially in a
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