Month: October 2020

Sunday Worship, 1st November 2020

Hymn 113 God the Father of Creation;
All age time;
Reading Matthew 23: 1-12;
Hymn 694 Brother sister let me serve you;
Prayer for others;
Hymn 192 All my hope on God is founded;

Thought for the day 31 October

31 Hallowe’en Pumpkins sit at doors, windows are decorated with pictures of ghosts and suchlike. It has changed a bit since many of us were wee – gone are the turnips, the treacle scones and ‘dookin’ for apples’, and ‘guising’ has morphed into ‘trick-or-treat’ as American influences have crept in and changed old Scottish customs …

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Thought for the day 30 October

30 October The Job Retention Scheme (‘furlough’) comes to an end tomorrow. Already many businesses have indicated that they will be making staff unemployed. The total figures are not yet available, but each case is a personal tragedy: lost income, lost opportunities, dreams ended, maybe hardship for the individual and their family. Some may find …

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Thought for the day 27 October

27 October There is a major public debate going on in England at the moment about ‘holiday hunger’ and extending the provision of term-time free school meals to the school holidays. Without getting involved in the politics, or the debate about the most appropriate way to eradicate ‘holiday hunger’ (important as that is), it has …

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Thought for the day 26 October

26 October The media over the weekend carried stories about the impact of the pandemic on the health, particularly the mental health, of NHS staff. Although it wasn’t specifically mentioned, it seems not unreasonable to assume that the health of care workers, teachers and other ‘key workers’ has been similarly affected – through long hours …

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Sunday Worship, 25th October 2020

Hymn 530 One more ste;
Reading Matthew 22: 34-40;
Prayer for others;
Hymn 448 Lord the light of your love is;
Boys Brigade promises;
Presentation of Queen’s Badge;
Hymn 737 Will your anchor hold;
Hymn 703 God save the Queen