Thought for the day 22 April

22 Earth Day
Earth Day was established just over 40 years ago as a focus to co-ordinate and mobilise those concerned for the future of the planet. Perhaps its main claim to fame this year is that President Biden has chosen it as the date for the virtual international summit on climate change. We hope to hear various governments making promises, and putting pressure on others that are slower to recognise and respond to the climate crisis. The real challenge will be turning pledges into reality, and encouraging/coercing billions of people to change their lifestyles (transport, heating, packaging etc), and be ready to pay more for some of those changes. Let’s hope the virtual summit goes beyond rhetoric and soundbites, and that governments represented start to take significant steps to address the climate crisis

Lord, especially on a sunny Spring morning we rejoice in the beauty and variety of our planet. But we know that it is under serious threat. It takes more than putting a sheet of paper in the recycling or switching off a light to address a crisis that threatens livelihoods, habitats and many species. Governments, businesses and whole populations need to accept changes to lifestyle, and additional costs. Those are not easy things to achieve. Encourage and support those who will have to promote such changes, and inspire the rest of us to recognise and embrace changes proposed

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